Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA)


(Temporarily closed)
1100 Kennedy Dr.
Key West, FL 33040


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Name Title Email Phone
Department, Human Resources   305-295-2213
Department, Legal General Counsel 305-295-2208

Board of Directors 
Link: Board of Directors Page

Name Title Email Phone
Appell, Antoinette M. Secretary/Treasurer, District 4 305-295-2205
Dean, J. Robert Chairman, District 3 305-295-2205
Higgins, Cara District 1 305-295-2205
Mulick, Nicholas District 5 305-295-2205
Toppino, Richard J. Vice-Chairman, District 2 305-295-2205
Shelby, Kerry Executive Director 305-295-2205

General Engineering / Water Quality 


Link: Self Service Page

Alternate Phone: 305-295-2144