Fraud Reporting

Whistle Blower Program

It is the policy (pursuant to Sections 112.3187 – 112.31895, Florida Statutes) of the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) that its employees and members of the public have the opportunity to confidentially report allegations of wrongdoing, inappropriate conduct, and actions that may create specific danger that jeopardize the health, welfare and safety of its employees as well as the general public. It is also the intent of the policy to protect individuals from adverse action, i.e., retaliation for disclosing and reporting information alleging improper use of office, waste of funds, or any other abuse or neglect of duty on the part of an agency, employee or management. 

Procedures for Whistle Blower Complaints and Complaints of Retaliation:

  • The Internal Compliance Auditor who reports directly to the Board of Directors shall receive allegations (provided that the allegations do not involve the Internal Compliance Auditor) pursuant to this policy. If the allegations involve the Internal Compliance Auditor, then General Counsel shall receive the report. Reports of alleged wrongdoing must be submitted in writing (see attached forms) and must include a verifiable name, address and telephone number of the reporter. Forms are available on the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority’s Insider Web Page and can be completed and submitted electronically. The name and identity of any individual who files a written whistleblower report of wrongdoing and the confidentiality of the information disclosed is protected pursuant to Section 112.3188, Florida Statutes, as amended. The Statute states that the name and identity of any individual and information provided shall remain confidential so that investigative procedures can be performed without revealing the source. 
  • Employees are encouraged to bring concerns to their supervisors for discussion and resolution. If the concerns are of a sensitive nature and it is felt that resolution cannot be accomplished by the supervisor, then the appropriate Complaint Forms should be completed and forwarded to the Internal Compliance Auditor. Reports of alleged wrongdoing which are not in this format, i.e., Whistleblower Complaint Form and the Retaliation Compliant Form will not be investigated by the Internal Compliance Auditor and pursued under this policy. 
  • Whistleblower investigations will be concluded with the forwarding of a written report with findings and conclusions submitted to the Chairman of the Audit Committee within ninety (90) days of the date on which allegations were received. The Chairman of the Audit Committee will then discuss the findings  with the Executive Director (provided that the allegations do not involve the Executive Director, if so then these allegations will be brought before the entire Board of Directors for resolution) and General Counsel. Then, the Executive Director or the Board of Directors shall implement the appropriate corrective action. 
Please follow the link(s) to the Whistleblower Complaint Form and/or Retaliation Complaint Form.