Layton / Long Key Wastewater District


Located at mile marker 68 in Long Key the Norman Anderson Water Quality Improvement Facility was placed online in 2006 thanks in large part to the efforts of this progressive small city. Currently serving the city limits as well as the Long Key State Park, the collection system is currently being expanded to include properties on both the east and west end of Long Key. When the expansion is complete it is expected the facility will treat 35,000 gallons of wastewater per day and remove approximately 95% of nutrients (total nitrogen, total phosphorous, total suspended solids and biological oxygen demand) prior to discharge into the injection well.

Long Key Connection Information

Connections for Long Key are scheduled to commence in June 2017. Information regarding the connection process including connection instructions, funding assistance, issuance of connection notifications as well as information on the option to convert a septic tank into a cistern are all provided below.

Connection Packets

The provided connection packets are intended to provide the basic information needed to connect a home to the central wastewater system.

Sewer Connection Funding Assistance

Funding assistance is available for income-eligible single-family and multi-family housing units located in Monroe County. Additional details can be found on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grant information page.

Septic Tank to Cistern Conversion Option

One of the benefits of connecting to the Central Wastewater System is the opportunity it provides to convert your septic tank into a cistern. For slightly more than the cost of septic tank abandonment, you can utilize your tank to capture rainwater for use in landscape watering, car washing, boat washing, motor flushing, and pressure washing. Rebates up to $500 are available. 

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