Reclaimed Water


Reclaimed water, sometimes called recycled water, is former wastewater that has been highly treated and disinfected so that it can be safely used for non-potable (non-drinking) uses, such as irrigation, vehicle washing and aesthetic fountains. Reclaimed water is delivered through a completely separate system of piping than potable (drinking) water, and can be easily distinguished by the required purple pipe.

 Meeting the strictest guidelines set forth by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, reclaimed water is a safe and cost-efficient alternative for conserving our valuable freshwater supply. The following links provide informational brochures detailing our reclaimed water service.

Service Availability

Big Coppitt Key / Rockland Key / Shark Key (Big Coppitt Regional Wastewater District) 

Currently, reclaimed water service is available on a first come, first served basis within certain sections of the Big Coppitt Regional Water District. The link provides a map of the Big Coppitt reclaimed water service area.

Duck Key

Reclaimed water service is available to all of Duck Key. Residents are welcome to review the Reclaimed Water Brochure and return the reclaimed water service request portion to the FKAA. The provided links offer a map of the Duck Key reclaimed water service area.

More About Reclaimed Water

The following links will help you better understand reclaimed water and how to connect to the Reclaimed System.