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Leak Abatement Form

  1. Customer Information
  2. (12-digit)
  3. Mailing Address of the Requester
  4. Service Address of the Property
  5. Acknowledge & Sign
    The excessive consumption occurred within the past 90 days.
  6. The excessive consumption was due to a leak which was underground, within a foundation or inside a wall and was not cause by negligence.
  7. The request must be in writing (via this form) or by email which includes these acknowledgments.
  8. I am providing a plumbers bill or receipts for parts to evidence that the leak was repaired.
  9. I will be responsible for payment of two times my consumption for the same period of the prior years and the Leak Adjustment will be calculated on the remaining balance.
  10. If consumption history is unavailable, the FKAA will use 5,300 gallons as a monthly average for a residential user. For all other Users, the FKAA will use an average derived from similar Users in its Service Area.
  11. I understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated above.*
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